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Let's Bittercon Again!

The Bittercon community's been rather quiet for the past few years, but I'm sure there are lots of conventions that we'd like to go to but haven't been able to get to, whether because of distance or finances or health or some other reason. I know that several of the cons I've wanted to go to as a vendor have either waitlisted us for booths, or have become unprofitable to the point that we can't afford to keep going.

So even if we aren't bitter (resentful) about not being able to go, not going may well have been a bitter (tearful) choice. So let's make up for it by having a virtual convention online. Just like conventions are a great way to meet new friends in person, a Bittercon post discussing a programming panel we'd like to have attended can be a way to meet new friends online and have a lively discussion in the comments.

Let's Go!
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World Con

It's coming.

They've posted the program here:

Anyone bitter?

We'd need people to play hosts.  That is, to have a post (or two, or several) about a con-typical topic (stealing from the program is encouraged), declare it part of bittercon and link back here, and then post a link here.